Privacy Policy

Showings consists of the Showings app (referred to as the “App”) and a service the App communicates to (referred to as the “Service”).

No personally identifiable information is requested by Showings or otherwise determined in any way. No information is shared with third parties. Some non-identifiable information is collected in order to provide and maintain the service, and diagnose and troubleshoot issues that arise.

Device location usage

The App requests location (GPS) access from the User’s device. Granting access is optional and the app can be used without this permission. Access can be revoked at any time. If access is allowed, the App offers this information as a “shortcut” to manual input of a location. It is never stored or transmitted without explicit action by the User.

Installation identifier

Upon installation a unique identifier is created. This is included in all requests sent to the Service. It is used exclusively for diagnostic and troubleshooting purposes and never shared outside the App or the Service.

Data retention

Data is retained in the form of unstructured logs of requests from the App to the Service and is used for diagnostic and troubleshooting purposes only. These logs are not shared outside the App or the Service.

Other information

Information about the User’s configuration of the App is stored on the User’s device only and never transmitted. It can be deleted by uninstalling the App.


If you have any questions about this privacy policy, contact